Thursday, November 17, 2016

Maternity Hiatus

"Sleeping Baby" by Anna Langova
Pregnancy wiped me out; thus, I haven't written for months. Since then I have been a zombie with a newborn. I had trouble sitting at the computer during my pregnancy. Now, I have a baby boy in my arms most of the time.

So I had my maternity hiatus. I have been thinking of the word 'hiatus' for awhile to use on this post. Pretty pathetic, I know. Ideas stew in my brain for months sometimes.

Hiatus first entered English to mean a "break or opening" in an object from Latin hiatus. Not until later did it actually mean "a gap or interruption in events" according to a 1610 dictionary.

Hiatus illustrates how a literal meaning can have a sense shift to a non-literal meaning. Meanings are in flux constantly in our living language.

Hopefully, I won't need a longer hiatus and will return to normal writing again.

It took me six months after my third boy to really get writing again. Sleep makes a big difference!

So here's to writing!

Online Eileen Dictionary