Monday, November 30, 2015

Review of "An Unexpected Proposal"

Annette Lyon asked me to review "An Unexpected Proposal" (no money changed hands; just a review copy). I'm having nightmares of AP English and my almost minor in English literature as I think of writing a review for this novella. I must tell myself: this is not a college paper. No one's grading me, just the potential of every human on the planet reading it.

Force Vs. Choice

The juxtaposition of a forced "intimacy" next to chosen intimacy jumped out at me. Forced "intimacy" is an attack, but two people choosing intimacy is love. True love means showing respect for another person's choice, whether they reject or accept the offer of love. Or the case of a marriage proposal for Caroline.

The Details

I enjoyed the historical and descriptive details while reading. As I read "An Unexpected Proposal," I felt cold reading about Caroline up a canyon from Logan, Utah during the winter. Maybe I felt cold because there's snow on the ground where I live.

The moon takes a journey during "An Unexpected Proposal" according to Caroline's mood. First kiss equals a warm glow of the moon. Then the moon turns cold and hard when she's away from her first kiss.

Isn't it funny how we describe inanimate objects according to our own emotions?


Annette Lyon used similes such as bland as paper and melting romantically as simmering and boiling.

What would I compare bland to? Somehow paper seems to fit so well. I've chewed on some pretty bland paper in my lifetime. So have my boys.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

I enjoyed when Caroline's fantasy bubble popped. After all, reality can be much better. Besides that reality is the only life we'll live. I love the practicality of James complimenting Caroline's "perfect, crisp bacon". Life is practical and magical.

I remember having fantasies of dating and my first kiss. Reality was much more interesting. I had no idea how to kiss and my then-future husband instructed me how to do it. Embarrassing. But I got him back when I spied the price tag on my engagement ring.

 What would be your idea of perfect love? Has reality been more magical than your fantasies?

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