Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Limericks from High School

“I have the biggest crush.”
A girl told her friend in a rush.
                “Who is the crush on?”
                “The coolest guy—Don.”
Don passed by causing the reddest blush

A woman who was very cruel
Could beat anyone in a duel.
                If you looked in her eye
                You would instantly die.
Deep, dark hatred was her fuel.

There was a young teacher at school
Who wasn’t strict about every rule.
                She’d tell a funny joke
                To every passing bloke.
If it were a boy, he’d spin on his stool.

A poor little man getting thinner
Couldn’t find a delicious dinner.
                A lion on the prowl;
                Its face set in a scowl.

Who do you suppose will be the winner?

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